About Us


Lion Skin clothing is much more than a business name, a logo, or a palette of colours. These are simply elements that represent something of higher significance. A movement… but we’ll get to that later. 


Our mission is to provide the male youths of today ultimate comfort, freedom, and flexibility. How do we aim to achieve this? By creating quality underwear made of the softest material - bamboo. Bamboo also encourages a higher volume of air circulation, making the material perfect for all occasions. 


Through R&D and careful customer consideration, we have created your ideal underwear. A stylish underwear that is made to be seen and worn, without compromising comfort factors. We took the most-worn, standard male underwear and enhanced it, giving male youths the variety they deserve. Through brainstorming the core purpose of our business, and collaborating on the impact we want to have in the lives of our customers, Lion Skin was born. 


It’s important to us here at Lion Skin that we’re transparent with our brand values. Who we are and what we want to achieve collectively as a business and as individuals. As mentioned, our mission is to provide the ultimate basic underwear to maximize comfort, confidence, and flexibility. Being comfortable in your everyday basics prepares you for any situation - whether you’re heading out for the night, hitting the gym, or going on a date. However, in our development process, we ensured the manufacturers and partners associated with our company upheld ethical procedures. We are the modern combination of style and comfort - all of which has been crafted ethically. 


Our vision? To be the most comfortable underwear for daily use. We have big dreams, but we know we have the passion, skill, and drive to achieve them. Together, we’re changing the status quo. Together, we can give male youths what female youths have - underwear freedom, choices, and options. We’re here to provide a variety of comfortable and stylish bamboo underwear for men to switch us their daily basics… and we’re just getting started.

To circle back, you may see our brand elements pop up on your socials, discussed by your friends, or advertised in shops - but what you’re really seeing is a movement. A movement solving the lack of male-orientated stylish underwear. A focus on male needs, a movement to appreciating quality undergarments are for all sexes of all ages. We’re on a journey, and we invite you to join us. We welcome your feedback, and to ensure we see you joining the movement, tag #LionSkin on your socials.